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At Fidelis Home Inspection we understand having a thorough understanding of home construction and maintenance sometimes isn’t enough. That's why we utilize advance technologies like an infrared imager, moisture meter, borescope and many more to help maximize the comprehensiveness of the inspection and help find any issues with the home. From ungrounded outlets to invisible moisture inside walls, our tools help ensure the customer can clearly see the deficiencies of the property. Infrared imaging helps set us apart fom the competion. It allows us to see what others may have missed, including:

  • Moisture intrusion in the building exterior and interior

  • Plumbing leaks inside the building around pipes, sinks, toilets and bathtubs

  • Water leaks near windows and doors

  • Water leaks or trapped moisture in roofs, sky light curbs and more

  • Faulty, decrepit or improperly installed electrical systems

  • Inefficient energy use, including air leaks and drafts

  • Improper insulation in ceilings and walls

  • Inadequate insulation on HVAC ducts

  • Insect infestations and other pests

  • And many more useful applications!

Thermal imaging is a very useful tool, and in combination with our ASNT Level 1 Thermographer Certification, we can help save the customer time and money. Though thermal imaging is very useful, it is not a golden goose. Thermal imaging can only see diffirences in temperature, and not see through walls or solid materials as some people are led to believe. Please look at our gallery below for practical examples and applications of thermal imaging. 

Thermal Imaging (Infrared)

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