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Fidelis Home Inspection provides honest, detailed and accurate information for every customer. We do this by providing a well-designed inspection report broken down into nine categories and a summary. These categories encompass every aspect of a home inspection. Combined with cutting edge industry standard inspection software, we are able to bring you some of the easiest to read and navigate reports on the market. 

Roofing: When inspecting a roof, we look at the material, its layers, the valleys, flashings, and more to help the customer understand the condition of their roof. 

Exterior: The exterior of the home is what one sees first. Thas why we inspect from the gutter material to the driveway; we make sure nothing is omitted.

Structure: The structure of a home is its "bones". To ensure the property has "good bones", we inspect from the foundation to the roof structure to identify any safety concerns and possible costly repairs. 

Insulation: We inspect the insulation we can see and help identify missing or wet insulation with our infrared imager. Additionally we help identify air leaks and sources of energy loss to help reduce energy bills. 

Electrical: During the electrical inspection we take note of the service entrance, panel boxes, outlets and more. This helps us identify any electrical safety and functionality problems found in the home.

Heating: For the heating portion of the inspection we inspect the furnace or heating device for functionality, age and performance. This includes inspecting any visible ducts and vents.

Cooling: For the cooling portion of the inspection we inspect the air conditioner or cooling device for functionality, age and performance. This includes inspecting any visible ducts and vents.

Plumbing: Plumbing is an integral part in any home. Thats why we inspect the service entrance, distribution material, venting, drainage and more, to ensure the customer understands any deficiencies found in the system.

Interior: We inspect the entirety of the interior, from the ceilings to the floors and everything in-between. This includes any permanant appliances that can be safely operated.  

Summary: This category is a brief description of the major flaws or concerns found in the subsequent categories of the home inspection.

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